Mary Martin

I've always been a people person. Individuals, with all of their unique talents and potential, intrigue and energize me. When I chose Journalism and Public Relations as my college major, I imagined meeting with people to talk about their stories and then sharing with others the ways they are impacting the world. Twelve years later, I'm doing just that.

My previous roles have included graphic designer and marketing manager, in both the corporate and nonprofit sectors. After moving to Texas, where I currently live with my husband and two young boys, I began working for Touch A Life as their part-time Communications Manager. I now serve as Communications Lead for Nameless Collaborative and Managing Editor of Dallas Doing Good. Lift Communications was born out of a desire to help small nonprofits in a sustainable way so that more stories of service, restoration, and hope could be heard.

Let's sit down and talk awhile - I'd love to help your story grow.